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Stas Bartnikas, an aerial photographer that has been in the industry for many years, gains esteem as his photography captures nature’s energy in its most beautiful form. To date Stas Bartnikas has received over 170 awards and continues to deliver on his passion through unbelievable and beautiful shots, that sometimes can only be captured through his lens.

Moscow, Russia – July 20th, 2021, After winning his most recent award at the 2020 Siena International Photo Awards, Stas Bartnikas is on track to become one of the worlds’ leading photographers. The energy-filled photography that Stas is able to capture is the inspiration to continue and connect with the world itself that inspires his award-winning work. His vibrant aerial photography that he refers to as “Aero-Art” often captures the true energy of the rich earth. Many photographers focus on things, while Stas Bartnikas’ aerial photography focuses on mother nature, allowing her natural beauty to shine.

His early success began in 2017 and he has since racked up over 170 international awards, varying from the NatGeo People’s Choice Award, Epson International PanoAwards, Chromatic Photo Awards, to the Moscow & Tokyo International Photo Awards, just to name a few. Stas Bartnikas’ photography has also been published in the world’s leading design and fashion magazines, including Vanity Fair, L’Officiel Voyage, Sunday Times Travel magazine, Maxim, and View, among others.

During a recent press conference, Stas Bartnikas was quoted as saying, “Aerial photography gives me the scope for creativity and innovation. In the city, we do not often witness the natural energy of the planet, but we can all feel that energy through these images and appreciate the beauty of nature. In the past few years, I have traveled to over 20 countries actively capturing the breathtaking landscapes below by boarding light aircraft and helicopters wherever I went. I wanted to capture the emotion and picturesque scenes perfected by Mother Nature.”

To learn more about Stas Bartnikas or to see some of his latest projects, visit his official website at https://www.stasbart.com/.

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