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BatterBags is introducing a new fun way to season, sauce, and marinate food. Inspired by a 50 year family tradition, BatterBags are designed to help get the best tasting food possible, with less mess and more fun. 

Dallas, Texas, September 7, 2021, Whether a Professional Chef or a Home chef, there comes a time for Seasoning food for frying, Marinating meat for grilling, Saucing cooked meats, transporting “hot” meats and veggies to and from the grill, cake and brownie batter mixing, and also food storage. People have been using Freezer Bags for Battering food, or some other type of bag not designed for this purpose.

Not all batter bags are the same. It is a matter of mixing ingredients and evenly coating the contents, and without making a mess and a giant fiasco. There has been no improvement in batter bags in decades, that is until now.

When BatterBags.com announced the roll-out of their groundbreaking batter bags with patented handles, it sent shockwaves throughout the industry. Finally, a next generation batter bag is available.

Features & Benefits of BatterBags:

  • Less Mess: All food and seasonings are contained inside the bag during use, which makes clean up a breeze.
  • Beyond Seasoning: Although great for seasoning and saucing food, these bags make transporting and keeping food warm easier and less of a headache.
  • Sanitary: These seasoning bags help reduce cross contamination, protects from flying insects, and encourages better food prep cleanliness habits.
  • Fun to Use: Using BatterBags is just a fun experience. Grab the handles and get to shaking.
  • Patented Handles: The Batterbag design was inspired by a normal grocery sack. For years, these sacks were used as an efficient way to batter meat for cooking. Movement of the handles served as a fun way to move meat about inside the bag, resulting in evenly coated food. These BatterBag handles serve the same purpose, with the added benefit of cleanliness and a host of other cool uses for the bag.
  • Manufactured Using Heat Resistant Nylon: This results in a tougher and more durable bag.

Maybe it is time to enjoy a whole new experience in cooking, using a bag that was meant for battering foods.

For complete information, visit: https://www.batterbags.com/

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