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Cultural identity, gender violence, forced migration, sacrifice, love, and resiliency frame suspenseful tales where realism is leavened by the supernatural and mystical. From the deserts and volcanoes of Mexico to the forests, mountains, and haunted rivers of the Pacific Northwest, these fast-paced stories blend social commentary with classic and psychological horror. 

Snoqualmie, WA – Oct 7th, 2021, Author Nati Del Paso has officially announced the launch of her highly anticipated collection of short stories, Women of Fire and Snow. In her new book, she shares a collection of contemporary stories of women straddling the Mexican American divide while finding their place and voice. At a time when these stories are a common occurrence not just at the border but around the globe, Nati Del Paso hopes that they will start a conversation or allow a glimpse into the reasons that compel her characters to cross the Mexican American border. She intends to shed light on the sexual abuses and violence that women, especially women of color, transgender, and immigrants face word wide.

In Women of Fire and Snow, an undocumented teenager is ripped from her home to fight a monster in a haunted town. When ICE detains her father, a college student confronts evil when she grasps a desperate solution to her family’s emergency. While rescuing her nephew at the border, a young woman wrestles with her privilege and the demanding power of La Santa Muerte. A curandera battles a demon while her granddaughter confronts her violent husband. A young Chicana from Seattle travels to Mexico, plunging into a secret society to combat rampant femicide.

Nati del Paso is a writer, counselor, and student of Indigenous Psychology and Shamanism. She was raised in Mexico by a Mexican mother and an American father. Del Paso weaves psychology and magic realism into suspenseful tales surrounding the immigrant experience, women, environmental, race, and cultural identity issues. She is also a lead counselor in the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity at the University of Washington.

During a recent interview, author Nati Del Paso was quoted as saying, “I am excited to release my new book because I want to bring awareness to the violence against women on both sides of the border. The UN and WHO report that 30% of women worldwide will suffer sexual or physical violence. In the US, the violence is even higher for women of color, immigrants, and transgender women.”  She went on to say, “In my stories the characters fight against the oppressive reality and violence with the power of unity, nature and the supernatural.”

Women of Fire and Snow is available now in all major booksellers, Amazon, iBooks, B&N, Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and other online retailers. All presale author fees will be donated to the Center for Women’s Human Rights CEDEHM in Mexico.

These stories reference sexual abuse, rape, gender violence, and death, which may be disturbing to some readers. To learn more about Nati Del Paso or her new book Women of Fire and Snow, visit her official website at https://www.natidelpaso.com

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