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Etiange’s first self-help book, titled Eunoia, is an affirmation book made with the intention of targeting the seven chakras and to use art as a form of color healing. Her new book promotes healthier ways of living and will help people find a greater emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health.

Haiku, HI – Oct 14th 2021, Author Etiange Domoa has officially announced the launch of her new self-help book titled, Eunoia. In her book of affirmations, she inspires the reader to follow a well-rounded and meaningful way of living by focusing on spiritually and achieving true happiness through the use of an intentionally curated collection of affirmations. In this hectic world, creating a healthy balance of calm, peace, and inner happiness can positively affect every part of ones’ life, from the mental to the physical aspect.

In her new self-help book, she shares a piece of her universe in the hopes that the universe within the reader will be touched and inspired to action. Etiange was born in Harlem, New York and is no stranger to living a hectic life. She is a writer, dancer, musician, model, and healer. Her focus these days is to help inspire others to cultivate true inner happiness by sharing her process and how she got to and continues to create her happy place in life. Since the age of 8 years old, Etiange has undergone professional intensive training in many different styles of dance including West African, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz, Street Jazz, Commercial Heels, and Contemporary, with companies such as Alvin Ailey (NYC), Broadway Dance Center (NYC), and KreativMindz Dance Academy (LA).

During a recent interview, Etiange was quoted as saying, “I recently published my first book called Eunoia, which is an affirmation book made with the intention to target the seven chakras and to use art as a form of color healing. I am now deeply studying Ayurveda, Plant-Based Cooking, and Vedic Astrology. I am ready to share all that I have learned in dance training and am looking to establish myself and showcase my skills within the community of Maui.”

She went on to say, “I really hope that my new book will help others cultivate a stronger relationship with their inner voice and overcome any adversity that they are facing. I wrote this book to help others and share the positive methods that helped me get to where I am today spiritually.”

To learn more about Etiange Domoa’s new book Eunoia and to follow her on her journey, visit her official website and blog at https://www.h3artw0rld.com.


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