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Their pain cream and gummies have done very well helping people with knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and ankle pain. They have done wonders for so many people that they want to offer them nationwide. Over 100 bottles will be given away at no charge to people that can’t afford to buy them and treat their pain problems. 

Cleveland, Ohio, October 31, 2021, There are a plethora of pain relief products on the market. Some are more effective than others, and some products do nothing at all. Using a formula with prescription ingredients can be risky because they present a challenge for the kidneys and liver. Amish Reserve started on a local basis formulating pain treatment topically applied products like CBD pain relief creams and also CBD gummies.

Over fifty million American’s suffer from chronic pain and the Amish are no different. Known for their hard work and keeping traditional ways, back and neck pain is not uncommon as they go about their day plowing fields, building, tending to livestock, raising their families, and more. Their devotion to simple living, self-sufficiency, and a tight-knit community also means they seek out natural and simple ways to deal with pain and continue their way of life un-hindered by pain.

Not wanting to see members in their community suffer, they worked tirelessly on formulating products with CBD, even taking the steps to have their products lab tested to guarantee the best results. All this work did not go to waste, as the Amish greatly care about their community, and they would not stop till a natural relief was provided. Amish Reserve’s products are that same natural relief the owners provided to their Amish community.

Amish Reserves grows almost all of the ingredients on their farm so that they can control the quality and make sure no harmful pesticides are used. Work spread quickly and soon they were selling thousands of bottles of their pain cream and helping folks get rid of their pain. Modern pain solutions can be just as debilitating as the pain itself, and nature usually always has a better answer. Amish Reserve has used their knowledge of nature and traditional ways to bring an old-world solution direct to everyone’s doorstep.

User Testimonials always tell the story, take a look at what Jessie Baker, 58, a Welder, had to say, “Amazing product. Suffering from back pain regularly was ruining my life. Amish Reserve’s cream allowed me to just roll it on and feel back to normal quickly. Thank you so much.”

Christina Murphy, 35, a Dry Cleaner, had this to say, “Thank you Amish Reserve For their quality and amazing products. I enjoy the relief I get from the Freeze Roll-On Pain Cream. Leonard, my sales representative is amazing and super helpful. I definitely recommend this company.”

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