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REMEMBER introduces a new way to commemorate the loss of loved ones and family members – with a memorial stone in the Metaverse that will last for eternity.

 Berkeley, CA – Nov 12th 2021, REMEMBER Metaverse made international headlines this week as they officially announce the launch of their NFT which will become the world’s first Commemoration Park in the Metaverse. The REMEMBER Metaverse : Memorial Stone NFT is set to launch on December 8th 2021. Memorial Stone is a commemorative NFT on Ethereum that will be located in the Remember Metaverse. Each artwork is original and delicately crafted with quality, for each person to tell their dear person’s story.

Owners of this unique NFT will be able to commemorate the memories of their loved ones with a Memorial Stone piece of virtual art within “Memorial Hall.” Memorial Hall is located within the Remember Metaverse, and the NFT acts as a key that unlocks Memorial Hall where the owners can choose who they would like to commemorate and what to display to visitors, whether it be images, videos, or 3D objects that memorialize their loved one.

During a recent interview, the spokesperson for REMEMBER Metaverse was quoted as saying, “This NFT project is very special to us. As the world shifts to the blockchain, we thought it would be very innovative to create a virtual graveyard for everyone to commemorate the loss of loved ones and permanently etch their memories into the blockchain. We truly believe that the Memorial Stone NFT will revolutionize the way we commemorate death in the future.”

For those interested in purchasing or learning more about the REMEMBER Metaverse : Memorial Stone NFT, visit their official website at https://remember.place. Minting will take place on their website and the official launch date is set for December 8th 2021.


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