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Shannon Teague’s new book, available on Amazon, promises to help people unlock the true growth potential of their business. This new exciting book covers a wide-range of topics from adapting the right mindset, to workplace culture, recruiting and establishing proper systems.

 New York, NY – Nov 26th 2021, Female business author and entrepreneur Shannon Teague has officially announced this week the launch of her first self-published book titled Scaling Up Simplified. With 50% of businesses failing in their first 3-5 years and the tough business environment facing the nation, this book couldn’t have come at a better time. Scaling Up Simplified covers the most important areas that growing businesses face and readers will quickly learn how to be more proficient, productive, and profitable.

Shannon Teague, an entrepreneur at heart, is an extremely successful businesswoman and has run various companies for over 10 years. She has established several businesses including a full-fledged recruitment organization for blue-chip companies, a popcorn flavoring company selling to huge cinema chains across the UK, among other businesses. Her early success in business led her to begin the journey of self-publishing a book for business owners to learn the secrets that she, and others have used to grow their business to unbelievable levels.

During a recent interview, Shannon was quoted as saying, “Building a successful business is a difficult job; people put in everything to come out victorious. However, a few businesses scale up effortlessly because they practice a series of steps. You may be facing a similar dilemma in your business: struggling to acquire new clients, wearing multiple hats, launching products, barely keeping up with the trend, etc. And no matter how hard you try, it isn’t enough – you are not alone in this arena. It’s time you find out the right way to do things, and that is why I published this book.”

Instead of reading countless books and scrutinizing the lessons, gain the foundational knowledge through Scaling Up Simplified; it will help to build a business and scale it up quickly. In this book, readers will uncover the roadmap that has led to many peoples and businesses financial salvation; it is tested multiple times, and the results are astounding. The topics covered include:

  1. Unlocking the proper mindset for success
    2. Practice compounding habits and experience phenomenal transformations
    3. Discern the authentic way of setting goals
    4. Build a positive workplace culture to manifest explosive business growth
    5. Decipher the core values that add to the company’s vision
    6. Establish an efficient method of recruiting a team of high-achievers
    7. Set up systems and processes that will encourage productivity and efficiency; hence saving time
    8. Break the complex chain of accounting and grasp the simple building blocks for consistent cash flow
    9. Create a raving fan base and entice people to be loyal even when it’s time to raise prices; branding and marketing

Scaling Up Simplified is now available on Amazon with a special promotion price of $0.99 for a limited time. The audiobook version will be released on Audible Amazon as well as iTunes.

Find out more about author Shannon Teague’s new book, Scaling Up Simplified by visiting her official website at http://scalingupsimplified.com or purchase a copy on Amazon today on Amazon US or Amazon UK.


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