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The truth has finally been revealed. Readers should buckle-up for a ride into the secret life of the Kennedy family and Marilyn Monroe. Why was their true son kidnapped and hidden from the public … It was all politics. 

Atlantic City, New Jersey, December 6, 2021, Seldom does a book get published that can change history and people’s perception of what they thought was history. “President John F. Kennedy & Marilyn Monroe’s Son, In His Own Words”, by Jack Kennedy, Jr. is such a book. It will shred the narrative that was fed to the public during the 1950’s – 1960’s. Revealing that Jack Kennedy, Jr. was the true son of two of the most famous people at the time would have ruined the trajectory of the soon to be President of the United States.

The time to set the record straight is NOW. Imagine being denied one’s true birthright, so much so that the powers that be had this young man kidnapped. This child thought to himself that he must have done something wrong to be taken away from his parents. Nothing could have been further from the truth, as readers will soon learn.

Make no doubt about it, some people are not going to be happy about this book, while others will feel vindicated and relieved. Most people never knew anything about this true story, now it will be known exactly why. The fact of the matter is that JFK was forced to marry socialite Jacqueline Bouvier in order to win the presidency.

President John F. Kennedy & Marilyn Monroe’s Son, In His Own Words”, has sent shockwaves in many directions. Let the chips fall as they may. Read about his survival in a world that does not know he exists and with many that wish he did not. Living as an orphan in Los Angeles, abandoned by the Kennedy Clan, Jack learns to earn his keep at a boarding house run by the cruel Gonzales/Gomez family who was being paid to keep his real name concealed.

Consider this, the Courts denied any “Discovery” and did not acknowledge Jack’s father’s Executive Order 11098, in which he provides rights for all children – from the date of conception. Or that he wrote ‘my child, ‘child of mine’ 57 times in his Will when Jack was his only child at the time.

Reader Testimonials always tell the story. Take a look at what Roy, a Verified Reader, had to say, “This book is a very interesting read to anyone who loves or hates the Kennedy Clan. I am not a fan of theirs. However, to read this book is exciting as it tells the story of the son of President Kennedy (before he was President) and Marilyn Monroe. Believe it or not should be up to the reader. It is interesting to see what might have been and what was.”

He goes on to say, “So much has been written about the Kennedy’s and Marilyn Monroe that who can really say what is truth and what is fiction. The author offers his truth. This book takes a very different look at what was in the 1950’s and how things have been covered up and distorted over the years. If you like books that deal with what was or might have been. Then this is a book for you.”

About The Author: 

John F. Kennedy, aka “Jack”, was the child of two of the most famous people of the 20th century. His life took a drastic turn when he was kidnaped from his mother. He has been fighting the indifference of society, law enforcement, and the courts. This book details his plight in his own words. He writes what he recalls starting off when his father John F. Kennedy was a congressman in 1952 all the way through 1971, when he found a wife and started his own family. This is the first in a series of five books written by Jack, his wife, and his son. For more information, please see www.johnfkennedyinhisownwords.com

For complete information, visit: https://www.amazon.com/President-Kennedy-Marilyn-Monroes-Son

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