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Their patented 3-D multi-planar chip technology and manufacturing process has the potential to create a new standard. This approach could offer higher performance, ushering a new paradigm into the IC and AI chip sectors. 

Bradenton, Florida, December 9, 2021, Very frequently technological advances are made in the IT Industry. Most are not revealed until the last minute, but some are so dynamic and game-changing that as word gets out, the IT Tech world stands-up and takes notice. Imagine having patents in place, with more to come that offer a giant-step toward new technologies.

Goldman Small Cap Research made these comments, “California-based GBT Technologies is poised to generate substantial revenue and profit via IP license and/or revenue share, beginning in 2022. GBT’s core business model is the development of innovative and valuable proof of concept and prototype technologies used to strike potentially lucrative licensing deals with top tier corporations such as Intel, Qualcomm, Tesla, JNJ, and others.”

They go on to say, “GBT boasts an enviable number of patents covering technologies, platforms, products, and applications representing some of the largest and fastest growing industries. These include semiconductors, communications, AI, IoT, and health care. GBT has already secured an LOI with one firm, and given its current roadmap, we believe other firms will come online as early as 1Q22. These LOIs typically evolve into global, multi-year licensing arrangements.”

During a recent interview, a GBT spokesperson made these comments about GBT’s Technology Platform, “GBT Technologies’ core technology is a revolutionary new platform enabling products that could potentially change the way people interact with technology and each other, Because we believe that improving communications will benefit the modern world, GTCH Microchips are designed to communicate via a private secure protocol and can interact with internal states – microchips communicate with other microchips – and external environments – microchips interact with cell phones, mobile apps, computers, tablets, tracking devices and many other digital devices, with access to conventional networks (WiFi and Cellular).”

He went on to say, “Our goal is for GopherInsight Microchips to be installed in billions of mobile devices within the next few years. This will allow GTCH to create private secure communications networks that will enormously benefit organizational and individual users. We will utilize these private secure networks to improve the computing power, database management, internal memory, and security of devices equipped with GopherInsight Microchips. The potential is enormous and we are constantly developing more advanced features.“

For complete information, visit: https://gbtti.com/

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