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In “Fighting to Win,” Ron presents a how-to guide to help move Christians from a defeatist, pessimistic worldview, to one of long-term victory and optimism. 

Washington, DC, December 21, 2021 – Ron Kronz, long-time missionary to war-torn countries in Africa, as well as a pastor and street evangelist in the USA, has published a very timely book for Christians who are looking to make an effective and powerful impact on the culture through a resolute faith in Christ. The enemies of God love to hide behind a pretense of good intentions and acceptability. But today, due to the irrelevance of the church in this culture, those practicing wickedness have become very bold. They seek to challenge the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ using threats, mockery & manipulation, while the church at large is silent in the face of these injustices.

Ron’s new book, “Fighting to Win: And Other Things I Didn’t Learn in Sunday School” challenges the reader’s spiritual attitude and seeks to inspire believers to take action upon the victory already won by God Himself. Christians must stand-up for the rights of Christ or be replaced by those who do.

This book is not built on empty calories. Ron walks the walk; he is the leader of the “Street Church” in metropolitan DC whose members are found on the street far more than in the pews. He is also an international speaker, teacher and leader among pastors who are willing to lay it all on the line for Christ.

Fighting to Win: And Other Things I Didn’t Learn in Sunday School” has been very well received. Reader testimonials tell the story. Take a look at what Priscilla Wade (verified reader on Amazon) had to say: “Simply a breath of fresh air in the murkiness that the modern church has become. Ron calls believers to take up their crosses–no, it’s not just an expression–and explains how we can live like Christ today. Christians anywhere can benefit from reading this and being challenged to grow in true discipleship and maturity. I am underlining all over. I will say that I am a critic at heart (and a professional Christian book editor), but this book is double thumbs up, 100% recommended! Buy two and give one to a friend.”

Charl van Wyk, a South African missionary himself, made these comments, “Our author goes where angels fear to tread! Quite frankly, he is the best person to have authored this book – Fighting to Win! It is revolutionary in that it gives the reader a vision of Christian victory. ‘Fighting to Win’ takes you on a journey through the Bible and explains its victorious teachings. This book needs to be read by Christian people, the Scripture references studied, and the ideas put into action. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”

For complete information or to contact Ron, visit: https://ronkronz.com

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