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“My Florida Green” was founded to help people suffering from a variety of health conditions by providing easy access to a natural medicine that works in a manner prescription medications cannot. 

Naples, Florida, February 2, 2022, There are many health conditions that can be treated and improved with Medical Marijuana. It became legal in Florida in 2016, but it was a very cumbersome process for patients to get their certification. Not anymore, thanks to “My Florida Green” headquartered in Naples, Florida.

“My Florida Green”, is an aggregative medical marijuana patient management software and platform. Certifying for Medical Marijuana is fairly new, especially in Florida. Many doctors are cautious to move forward, so finding the right providers to join the “My Florida Green” platform has been challenging. Their platform onboards the patient and verifies medical history. It will also educate the patient on the medicinal benefits through a series of videos and tests to verify the videos were watched.

By the time “My Florida Green” patients arrive at their State required doctor’s appointment, they are literally ready to visit the dispensary as they will most likely know exactly what products they want to order through the “condition to strain and route database” which was built in-house.

“My Florida Green” created an algorithm that pulls the specific strain, route, and cannabinoids that are known to treat that specific condition. For example, if a patient selects “anxiety” as their condition, this database will suggest CBD 2-3 times per day for balance with an Indica, sublingual at bedtime. Based on a patient’s condition, the algorithm can recommend a regimen that will most likely fit their needs. Currently, there are a little over 30k patients on the platform with almost 50% who have reduced the need for prescription medications.

During a recent interview, Nick Garulay, Founder of “My Florida Green”, made these comments, “This is deeper than helping someone get access to marijuana so they can get high. We go above and beyond and actually teach patients how to incorporate Medical Marijuana into their daily lives so that they can improve their quality of life. This includes helping them reduce or wean off the synthetic prescription drugs that they’ve been taking so they can gain back control of their life.”

He goes on to say, “My Florida Green” built a drug data base that allows a patient to enter a specific medication and the system will show the strain, the route, and where they purchased the product from that allowed them to reduce the need for that medication. People still need an education on how cannabis works within the body and how to incorporate it into their daily lives. The key to success with Medical Marijuana is consistency as we are literally fueling our natural ability to heal.”

Keeping the doctor and patient in full compliance with the law is something that they have taken seriously since the beginning, this is why their certifying physicians are the largest in the state of Florida. They manage the relationship, the reputation, the education, the compliance, and the inbound and outbound calls and emails. The doctor only needs to worry about the patient’s medical questions and the physician encounter, “My Florida Green” will handle the rest.

For complete information, visit: https://myfloridagreen.com/

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