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Petitemonk was started and founded by a mother of 2 active kids who could not find a nappy or diaper bag for herself. The bags out there were either ugly or heavy. Limited Time Offer of 15% Off Now In Effect. 

Applecross, Australia, March 18, 2022, Having a child is truly a gift from God, but it can be overwhelming at times. There are so many items to add to the checklist of must-haves and costs soon can get out of hand. One thing that new parents soon discover is that some essential items can be quite heavy, even when they are empty.

A well-made and attractive baby-bag is one of those essential items, but why do they have to be so heavy? Well, they do not thanks to the new minimalist designs offered by Petitemonk.com. Parents have enough to be overwhelmed about without having to lug around a heavy bag so they can carry all of the essential items that are required to take care of newborns and toddlers alike.

After all, parents also need to carry items that they themselves need to have while they are out and about, like a laptop. Bags by Petitemonk are designed to be lightweight before they are filled up with all the baby’s goodies. They can be carried as a tote, a messenger bag, and a backpack too. They have enough pockets inside to keep all belongings neatly organized so that going out with one’s little bundle of joy won’t feel like a chore when it comes to packing baby’s bag, but rather, just focus on the walk.

During a recent interview, Seetal Singh, Founder of Petitemonk, a doctor who recently quit her job to pursue a more rewarding career, made these comments, “I had sore eyes from the business that filled my home. When I had kids, the clutter was everywhere. I have a big family and I was constantly cleaning and buying more stuff to fill a gap within me that just got bigger and bigger. I just couldn’t handle it anymore.”

She went on to say, “I got rid of 75% of my stuff in four days. I knew there was a lot of money involved but it was money ALREADY wasted buying all that. This is when Minimalism came into my life and was the idea that brought Petitemonk to life. Our bag is the one that both parents want to carry. It doesn’t scream NAPPPY BAG. This is the bag that keeps things organized instead of overstuffed. Petite Monk is the parenting bag for the modern minimalist.”

Customer Testimonials always tell the story. Take a look at what Anastasiya Martinez, a Verified Customer, had to say, “Love this bag, very helpful, with 2 kids I’m trying to stay minimal. I have a 2.6-year-old and an almost 6-month-old. I used to have so many diaper bags, like 10 for sure, lol. I downsized to 3, as I have to have one for my husband and 2 for me.”

Amy D. made these comments, “The quality of this bag and nappy change mat is so good! It’s just amazing!! So spacious especially when we were on our staycation with lots of blankets, clothes, and  bottles to bring along. The best of all is my husband loves it too and carries it with a smile on his face. Best choice! Thanks, Petite Monk. Looking forward to letting my friends know about it as well.”

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