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The MentalNotes Podcast provides short, bite-size coaching advice for common leadership challenges. Each episode is about 4-minutes, and features proven, research backed best practices. 

Dallas, Texas, March 26, 2022, TheMentalNotesPodcast.com is for individuals looking to grow their leadership skills, or companies looking to support their middle managers. The episodes are short, easy to access and all of the advice is backed by science. The podcast has become the trusted source of actionable leadership intelligence. Their Mission is to promote leadership best practices and offer solutions to common leadership challenges.

Episodes are released weekly and are easily searchable through TheMentalNotesPodcast.com site. With a few keystrokes, the manager can browse relevant content, and chat with a MentalNotes coach. There are also albums available for topics like performance management, developing people and team building.

Listeners also have access to the popular Self-Coaching Album. These eleven episodes share how managers can practice their leadership skills while getting real work done. Says Scott Dow, The MentalNotes Podcast founder, “Coaching without practice is just a positive intention. It feels good but doesn’t get you real far”. The Self-Coaching Album provides listeners a plan for growing both leadership and life-skills.

Other episodes entitled “Skeptics”, “Meeting Fatigue” and “Personal Burnout” deal with common leadership challenges. “This is our way of giving back”, says Scott Dow. “We make these episodes available to any manager looking to improve their leadership skills. The episodes are available on major podcast platforms including Spotify, Amazon, Google, and Apple, or from the site at TheMentalNotesPodcast.com.”

During a recent interview, Scott Dow, The MentalNotes Podcast founder, made these comments, “It’s lonely at the top, but it is lonelier in the middle. Middle managers have it tougher than their more senior executives. They implement unpopular decisions that they did not make, field questions they can’t answer, and lead a diverse, remote, and often overworked team. Middle managers deal with chronic stress, burnout, and endless meetings. It is the most difficult and most important position in any company.”

Major employers are getting onboard, too. Companies can use MentalNotes episodes under a Creative Commons license. Employers can also become members of the MentalNotes community.

Episodes are searchable by Leadership Challenge like: “Motivation” or “Burnout”.

Some of the membership benefits include:

  • White-Label Content: Members can adapt MentalNotes®️ articles, audio files, podcasts under their company brand and as part of their company learning & development initiatives.
  • Coaching Clinics: Experienced MentalNotes®️ coaches are available to facilitate group learning events.
  • Curriculum Guides: Customized learning templates link teams to MentalNotes®️ content based on specific needs.
  • Custom Audio Production: 50% discounts on all podcast services including Custom Content Development and the Interview Series.
  • Custom Image Creation: 50% discount on all images created.

For complete information, visit: https://www.thementalnotespodcast.com/