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By adopting blockchain technology, Fruittex will make agricultural Investments accessible for investors at all levels. Fruittex Tokens will be listed on multiple secondary exchanges, providing Fruittex Tokens to investors with a quick and effortless way to divest at market value. 

Houston, Texas, June 7, 2022, The Fruittex Platform has created a new Paradigm in Agricultural Investing, bringing it into the next generation. With significant concern over surging inflation, currently at a 40-year record high, people are looking for a solution. Agriculture is usually the best hedge against inflation. Fruittex has integrated commercial agriculture with cryptocurrency, helping retail and institutional investors combat inflation.

Fruittex lists the future yield of fruit trees on the international Fruittex trading platform. Buying the future yield of fruit trees provides an exciting path for participation in the avocado and fruit industry. Fruittex offers different solutions to buy into the avocado farming industry. An investment platform that empowers individuals and businesses to buy into the growing avocado market around the world.

Most cryptocurrencies are not backed by any hard assets, making them questionable investments and speculative assets. With Fruittex Tokens, cryptocurrency investors can invest with confidence, knowing the floor value of Fruittex Tokens could NEVER be less than the equity in the agriculture portfolio divided by the number of Fruittex Tokens in circulation.

The Fruittex trading platform was established in 2016 selling the future yield of the avocado trees, referred to as the ‘usufruct ownership of avocado trees’, and was founded and developed by Johan Immelman in 2015.

  • The platform has more than 200 traders from 18 countries.
  • Traded 7645 avocado trees.
  • Current Market Value is $2.4 million.
  • Trees available for trade is 1435.

Fruittex is employing crowdfunding to raise capital for further expansion. They have two crowdfunding projects either running or launching in the near future. Both campaigns provide a unique opportunity to be part of the next generation of agricultural investing, while building net worth.

Each project has a different goal:

WeFunder: The second fundraising event is where they are offering a safe opportunity for people to buy shares in Fruittex Corp. This campaign is LIVE NOW.


  • Investor Stability: Real world assets linked to digital securities.
  • Inflationary Hedge: Protecting you against decreased purchasing power.
  • Dependable Returns: With a primary focus on producing food.
  • First Tokenized agriculture portfolio.
  • Traded 2,000 avocado trees from 2017 to 2021.
  • Goal for 2025 to trade 200,000 fruit trees.
  • Trader Liquidity through secondary market trading.

During a recent interview, Johan Immelman, CEO & Founder of Fruittex, made these comments. “My goal is to democratize commercial agriculture investing and empower financial wellbeing for farmers and investors. Fruittex is giving investors access to quality commercial agricultural investments, plus the liquidity to exit anytime.”

For complete information, visit: https://fruittex.com/

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