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If one doesn’t have the benefit of a ‘Rich Uncle’ guiding them, “Give Me A Boost!” is the next best thing. “Give Me A Boost!” starts with fundamental business concepts that many diverse founders overlook or never have exposure to. It’s an organized compilation of generational nuggets of wisdom and ‘landmines’ to avoid so readers can truly position their organizations for success. 

Hillsborough, New Jersey, June 24, 2022, In today’s business climate, it is difficult enough to start a business, let alone navigate the cumbersome path through government regulations and seeking traditional financing. What a founder needs is someone with massive business acumen to be in their corner, Jackie P. Taylor is that person.

In Give Me A Boost!, readers instantly feel that they have someone in their corner sharing business skills and tips that will help them to succeed. Give Me a Boost! offers a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand look at what it takes to be a successful business owner. Learn how to nurture and grow the business even more by using powerful strategies that catapult one’s business ahead of the competition.

“According to a recent report by McKinsey and Co., of all vulnerable small businesses minority owned ones may be at the most risk. Many Black and Latino businesses do not reach the full potential due to lack of coaching connections curriculum as well as capital barriers. A recent study reports — Only 2.4% of venture-capital dollars went to Black or Latino founders and only 8% of Black people inherited wealth or connections compared to 26% of non-minorities.”

This book contains links to a number of resources needed for accessing capital, education, mentorship, and accelerators. Readers should complete the exercises at the end of each chapter and take notes to customize the tips and resources into an action plan specifically for their business.

Readers Will Find Guidelines For:

  • Getting the fundamentals of successful business ownership right.
  • Determining if the Business is “Growth-Ready”.
  • Accessing Resources for Minority, Women and Veteran Business Owners.

Readers Will Discover Ways To:

  • Fine-tune how to leverage the greatest asset — people.
  • Scale the Business Model for Growth.
  • Use Smart Technology to Grow the Business.
  • Apply the Secret Ingredients of Passion & Patience.
  • Build Effective Strategic Alliances and partnerships AND one’s network.

During a recent interview, author Jackie Taylor made these comments, “I wrote this book to provide some of the nuggets of generational wisdom that many first-generation entrepreneurs do not get the benefit of. Give Me A Boost! Is a necessary handbook for under resourced entrepreneurs who are typically Black, Latino, veteran, and first-generation Founders.

The August 10, 2022, release is aptly scheduled during Black business month. However, this book will assist all small businesses owners in assessing their readiness to grow as a business and as a founder. This way, they are positioned to take advantage of the opportunities that come their way.”

She goes on to say, “This book guides founders in asking themselves the right questions — it is a personal business coach in a book. Not only should founders purchase this book for themselves but anyone who is interested in supporting the growth and development of a business owner should gift this book to others.”

About The Author:

Jackie P. Taylor is an award-winning businesswoman whose podcast, “The Real Juggle,” takes an unvarnished look at what it really means to be successful and balance it all. Through her achievements as an executive for a global big four consulting firm, sought-after mentor and award-winning businesswoman, Jackie offers real-world advice and inspiration. She helps people from diverse backgrounds realize their potential and engage more rewardingly in their lives and in their careers.

Recognized for her high energy, vast intellect, down-to-earth humor, and unerring ability to connect with people through their hearts and their minds, Jackie brings strength, a fresh focus, and a renewed sense of purpose to individuals and organizations on a global scale. As an executive, a mother of five, a caretaker and a trailblazer for women of color, Jackie’s insights and personal experiences provide tools everyone can use as we all try to juggle the demands in our lives.

For complete information, visit:  https://jackieptaylor.com/

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