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Big shifts in college admissions are ahead. Especially for top tier and Ivy hopefuls. “The Exceptional Applicant”, Dr. Bedor’s powerhouse master guide on College Admissions, available now on Amazon, shows how to build a unique high school career for college acceptance. Discover original ideas and contacts for creating passion projects in every field; new academic certifications and credentials that grow one’s mind & impress Admissions; and college essay guidance not found anywhere else. 

New York, NY, July 5, 2022, Thousands of students apply to college each year. Many more students these days are being rejected from the top tier, do not understand why, and might have gained acceptance with the correct guidance. Nationally renowned Admissions Advisor, Dr. Deborah Bedor, has published a book that will give college admissions applicants the edge and lens they need.

The Exceptional Applicant: For College Admission, You Don’t Have To Be Perfect, You Just Have To Be Original, is not like any other college admissions guidebook, and it may be the only one students need. The book takes students by the hand and shows them how to brainstorm and create the kind of intellectual, artistic, STEM, research, and entrepreneurial projects and pursuits that college admissions committees expect at top universities. The things that are missing from an applicant’s story are as important as what is already in their application.

Along the way, Dr. Bedor provides detailed and creative college essay instruction through excerpts, narratives, and anecdotes; a college preparation timeline, tips, and philosophy with a refreshing, down-to-earth approach; some mindset advice that high school students desperately need in today’s hyper-competitive and stressful school environment; and even a chapter on handling family stress during high school. In addition, she has invited dozens of her top tier and Ivy League university students to lend important advice from their own college experiences to a new generation of applicants.

The author has also invited some of the nation’s top subject experts in Computer Science, Machine Learning and AI, Mathematics Competition, Debate, Music, Business, and Athletic Leadership to mentor readers within guest chapters of The Exceptional Applicant and teach students how to achieve mastery during high school in their specific fields of interest. “The adventure and challenges in finding and nurturing your exceptional tilt give you a story worth telling,” explains Dr. Bedor.

During a recent interview, Dr. Bedor made these comments, “There are ways for you to chart an intentionally creative and impactful path to college acceptance. I believe each one of you students is remarkable and represents possibility – the kind that shapes a world. Whether you are seeking ways to pop off the pages of your college application, make your mind as interesting as possible, or just figure out how you can make impact in this world, as a 9th through 12th grader I hope you find unique and compelling guidance in The Exceptional Applicant. It is comprehensive. Read it with a highlighter, a latte, a comfy chair, and your favorite pet.”  Dr. Bedor adds, “Remember, the things that make you different are the things that make you.”

Richard Rossi, Founder, The National Leadership Academies, made these remarks, “Dr. Bedor has addressed the new college admissions environment by writing the most skillful, comprehensive, inspired, strategic, and no-baloney guide to college acceptance.”

About The Author: Dr. Deborah Bedor, CEO, College Admission Central –

As one of the nation’s most beloved and respected college admissions experts and best-selling author of Getting IN by Standing OUT, Dr. Bedor has had the pleasure of coaching and advising Top-Tier and Ivy League-bound pre-college students for the past 30 years, with remarkable acceptance rates.

Dr. Bedor works granularly and creatively with each student, from 9th-12th grade, as a mentor, innovative résumé-builder, college application essay consultant, and high school life coach – structuring and elevating every part of the student’s college application journey, creating standout candidates for acceptance. Dr. Bedor graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, and has lectured on student entrepreneurship in workshops at both Harvard and Columbia Universities.

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