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On her way home from a national dog competition, Susan gets the call that her son, Kevin, has died. With a new reality to navigate and no directions, Susan seeks solace in her golden retrievers, Manny and Tripp, who demonstrate the power of presence and unconditional love.  

Chandler, Arizona, July 12, 2022, Every parent’s worst nightmare is that they will outlive their children. Sometimes illness takes a loved one, and other times it comes without warning. Such is the case with Susan Lynch who received the tragic call with the news of her son, Kevin’s, sudden and unexpected death.

Susan Lynch’s memoir, Life After Kevin: A Mother’s Search for Peace and the Golden Retrievers that Led the Way, is her personal story of loss, connection, and healing. With her beloved dogs, Manny and Tripp, alongside her, she courageously faces her grief to untangle the complicated emotions attached to the stigma of overdose while nurturing an extraordinary connection she shares with Kevin in spirit.

After Kevin dies, Susan receives several incredible signs from him that help her to eventually emerge from the dark cloud of her grief into a new understanding that her son’s spirit is with her, guiding her every step of the way. Susan has put her journey into words in such a way as to impact readers on a deep, emotional level.

Everybody will face loss at some point in life. Life After Kevin is an inspiring memoir that gives the reader hope to know that life after loss can have meaning, peace, and even joy. One thing is for certain—everybody who picks this book up cannot put it down and will forever be changed from having read her story.

This reader testimonial from Sabrina says it all: “From the opening passages, Susan grabs our attention, hangs on to it tightly, and never lets go, taking us along on an emotional, complicated, powerful, and ultimately uplifting journey following the death of her son, Kevin … There’s something here for everyone, but most will certainly leave with hope and just maybe with their eyes and minds open a little wider.”

Elizabeth Boisson, President and Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal, a worldwide support group for bereaved parents, says: “Susan explores an essential topic in the book with grace and compassion: the stigma and silence attached to a child’s transition by overdose. Thank you, Susan and Kevin, for this uplifting book that proves that love never dies.”

About the Author:

Susan Lynch has trained and competed with her golden retrievers for more than twenty years and has been an active member of the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA) and Yankee Golden Retriever Club (YGRC) since 1995. She previously sat on the Yankee Golden Retriever Club Board of Directors from 2008 to 2016 in the roles of director, vice president, and president. Her knowledge base covers both competitive and non-competitive American Kennel Club sports that include hunt tests, field trials, obedience trials, and conformation shows. Additionally, four of her dogs were active, certified therapy dogs with Therapy Dogs International.

In 2021, Susan was awarded the Rachel Page Elliott Featherquest Lifetime Achievement Award from the GRCA for her contributions to puppy education through Life with Rune, a Facebook group and community she founded. In Life with Rune, Susan demonstrates puppy socializing and training techniques that are critical from eight weeks through twelve months. Susan is on a mission to use her own vast experience and expertise in dog training and her personal journey through loss to support families in grief by showing them the power and depth of canine companionship during trauma.

For complete information, visit: www.susan-lynch.com

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