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Funded.club continues to connect startups with top talent. Their low fixed-fee model has been vital in helping startups thrive amidst challenging economic times. 

Haarlem, Netherlands, July 18, 2022, As a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the global economy is experiencing an uncertain future, startup investors are increasingly playing cautious and calling for executives to focus recruitment efforts on a smaller pool of critical hires. As a startup recruitment specialist with a low fee hiring model, Funded.club is uniquely positioned to help startups weather this storm.

During a recent interview, Ray Gibson, Funded.club CEO & Founder, made these comments, “Our business model is simple. We only charge a low, fixed fee for each successful hire, starting at just $3,900. This reduces the cost-per-hire by 70-80%. It makes us much more affordable than traditional recruitment firms, which mostly charge a percentage of a hire’s salary. For startups that are currently operating on tight budgets in a bear market, this can create a make-or-break difference.”

He goes on to say, “We’re proud to be able to help startups during these difficult times. Our low-cost recruiting model is just one more way we’re levelling the playing field for startups and helping them thrive.”

Funded.club has helped startups hire for a wide range of positions, extending from engineers to marketers and salespeople. Gibson believes that the company’s focus on quality over quantity has been key to its success. It is apparent that they refuse to sacrifice quality for the sake of a quick placement. Their clients know that when they come to them, they’re going to get the best possible candidates for the job. This commitment to quality has paid off, with Funded.club’s clients consistently reporting exceptional satisfaction rates and repeat orders.

Client Testimonials always tell the story. Jiří Třečák, CEO & Head of Technology, Supernova,Y Combinator Alumni W19, had this to say, “Funded.club was an absolutely integral piece of our process to find-test-hire people for our company. This not only saved us quite literally multiple months of work in pre-screening, but they were also so efficient in finding candidates that we basically removed the need for a recruitment team altogether. It allowed us to focus on other critical aspects like product development safe in the knowledge that our recruitment was in the best hands.”

Gibson also suggests that despite the current climate of economic uncertainty, there are still reasons to be optimistic about the outlook for startups. “If you’re a founder lying awake at night worrying about the future, I suggest you look to the recent past for reassurance,” Gibson said. “2007 – 2009 was an incredible time for startups, and many tech unicorns were born during this period. This includes current household names like Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, and GitHub”.

Gibson is not the only optimist in the startup world; a recent report revealed that seed-stage funding has actually increased by 11% from the average $2.8 billion invested monthly for this stage last year. This trend reflects patterns seen during the previous 2008 financial crash, which saw angel and seed deals remain consistent and eventually rise despite the overall market contraction. This counter-intuitive historic data provides evidence that startups may actually flourish during economic downturn.

About Funded.club:

Funded.club is a leading provider of startup consulting and recruitment services. A startup itself, the company has helped more than 200 scale-ups and startups acquire top talent since its launch in 2019. With clients in over fifty countries, the company continues to expand its reach and develop its services to meet the needs of the ever-changing startup landscape.

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