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Luke H. Reynolds Announces New Single/Video Due September, “Perfect Song”.

Wake Forest, North Carolina, August 19, 2022, Luke H. Reynolds, a happily married dad of two, nearly lost his marbles when TikTok’s livestream division reached out to express their fandom of his easy-listening acoustic song covers.

The behemoth platform, via social agency TABOOST, subsequently flew Reynolds out to their LA-based headquarters to not only perform live, but even more crazily, brainstorm with him about what they predict as his imminent success.

Why Luke H. Reynolds and why now? And most importantly, a dive into how a middle-aged fella with no intentions of being a rock star is framing this potentially life-altering shot at a 2022 version of showbiz.

These are all questions that Luke and everyone in his orbit have been toiling with.

Especially because Reynolds is making money on TikTok. Like, a lot of money. In fact, with only 32.3k followers, Reynolds is pulling in bigger bucks than veteran TikTokers with follower counts in the millions. A tech-whiz by passion and trade, the TikTok-anointed-dad-rocker claims there’s no unlocking the mystical algorithm that’s financially blessed him, but rather, firmly attributes the cash flow to his intensely engaged fanbase.

He goes on to explain, “Success on TikTok LIVE is so much more than being a raw talent. The algorithm is a total mystery. From day one, I was 1000% committed to my fanbase – never was in it for the money, and perhaps, my fans and the folks over at TikTok sense that. My following was and still is quite small, but they’re extremely loyal. I’m grateful for every single follower.”

Luke H. Reynolds will be the first to tell you that he’s far from the best musician on TikTok. His singing is often on pitch, but not always, and his guitar work is great but not virtuosic. Reynolds’ sincerity and dedication is what truly shines through. His nightly performances are vulnerable and impossibly human. He’s emotionally exposed with every performance and that’s what his fans love about him.

When Reynolds first launched his TikTok LIVE channel back in 2021, the newly launched TikTok LIVE universe (a vlog-like streaming medium) was a bit of a ghost town. He often logged on and performed to zero people. But, with an unwavering passion to simply make music, curious listeners sauntered in and they haven’t stopped since.

To be clear, TikTok LIVE is a totally different beast from TikTok proper. Unlike what most of the world knows to be “thee” TikTok experience, Reynolds isn’t cranking out 15-second musical blips and doing thirsty dances. Quite the contrary.

After bidding a nightly farewell to his family, Luke H. Reynolds slides into his iridescent-lit studio to perform intimate live shows for devoted fans. He jams tunes for them, he chats with them, and he cherishes them. It has become his second life and they are his second family. Only conundrum is – while thrilled, he’s rightfully fearful of bigger success.

If TikTok is to be believed and solid bread continues to flow in, Luke H. Reynolds could very well be on his way to gaining a massive fanbase, which could ultimately lead to a record deal and live shows. That is to say, a real-life music career. But he’s unsure whether he wants all that stuff. The idea of a tour opportunity could mean extended time away from his family. And the idea of a potential record deal could mean a relocation to Los Angeles from his native Raleigh, North Carolina. All dreamy,  albeit perplexing things that haven’t happened yet but could.

In the meantime, Luke H. Reynold’s managed to finally hunker down to record an original tune!

Luke H. Reynolds’ “Perfect Song” debut single/video is coming in September. He’s terrified about the release for good reason – this is his tune and no one else’s.

Thankfully for all parties involved, Reynolds is a damn good songwriter. “Perfect Song” is a breezy, serene, and deeply self-aware pop tune. Being a song-cover-dude at heart, he lyrically explores the difficulties of writing an original tune – he’s funny like that. Clear influences of early John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band and Duncan Sheik are present, but they only serve as a jumping-off-point to arrive at Reynolds’ magnetic relatability.

Whether it’s cover songs, original songs, or no songs, Luke H. Reynolds is undeniably relatable.

For more information on the Luke H. Reynolds phenomenon, visit: https://www.tiktok.com/@luke.h.reynoldsmusic?_t=8UxpwCTrgWU&_r=1

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