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San Jose, California – June 20, 2023 – In a quiet restaurant along Istanbul’s Bosphorus strait, a group of diners reaches for their phones to settle the check. Outside, a passerby kills time by filing a complaint about municipal services. An older gentleman boards the local bus and uses his phone to pay the fare. And a group of youngsters pull out their phones to show their ID. The difference, in Istanbul compared to other major cities, is that all these actions are happening on Istanbul Senin, the city’s all-powerful Super App.

In technology circles, the term “Super App” has been a buzzword for years. But in Istanbul, thanks to the work of global technology company KOBIL, the hype has been transformed into reality. Now others, like Uber and PayPal, want in on the action. Even Elon Musk has spoken of his ambition to turn Twitter into an “everything app” known simply as X.

The idea behind a Super App is relatively simple: combine lots of different functionalities in a single application. It’s made possible by the convergence of technologies in identity, payment, and communications and the power is in the potential. At a stroke, a Super App allows businesses to deploy entirely new business models, expanding their potential revenue streams and delivering business transformation at a scale rarely seen before.

With just one app, one login, and one user experience, companies can provide limitless services to their customers. This puts them at the heart of the customer’s online experience. Secure digital identity, secure chat, and secure payment features are the central pillars. The results are only limited by a business’s vision.

KOBIL, headquartered in Germany but with offices around the world including the United States is among the leaders in Super App technology. Considered a “powerhouse” in digital identity and security, the company leverages this heritage to deliver a full-scope Super App platform where especially frictionless user experience and security are at the forefront, and why already more than 100 million worldwide users trust it. Founder and CEO Ismet Koyun says: “We believe Super Apps are the future of digital business, commerce, and user experience. We’re committed to helping our customers succeed in this rapidly evolving space by advocating that they build their own ecosystems and discover their potential.”

Super Apps: a brief explanation

– Used in finance, health, public services, FMCG, and more.

– Reduces customer friction by eliminating the need for different apps and logins.

– Enables companies to leverage their business and client networks by embedding products and solutions.

– Facilitates unprecedented customer engagement thanks to the convergence of user habits, metrics, and data in a single touchpoint.

More than 100 million people already use KOBIL’s technology. It was the company behind the Mercan Super App in the Middle East, helping Denizbank of Emirates NBD transform from a traditional retail bank into something resembling an ambitious start-up bringing a new business model to market. In Saudi Arabia, the trillion-dollar state-backed NEOM development is also working with KOBIL to establish how best to establish and implement a Super App into the day-to-day lives of its citizens. Meanwhile, in the United States, start-up Skor is using KOBIL’s platform to create a frictionless experience for sports fans while simultaneously increasing revenues and engagement for sports franchises.

The Super App model can help companies achieve up to 60% more user engagement and 40% increases in revenue. Gartner predicts that “by 2025, 70% of digital commerce transactions in the Asia-Pacific region will be enabled by Super Apps” and describes Super Apps as one of the ten strategic technology trends in 2023. All of this helps to explain why KOBIL’s Super App platform was recognized in five Gartner Hype Cycles in 2022, including for Emerging Technologies and Digital Government Services.

Ismet Koyun says: “We’ve been thrilled to launch the Super App platform, which represents the next step in our ongoing commitment to provide innovative business solutions. With our advanced security features, we’re confident the KOBIL Super App platform will become the go-to solution for businesses looking to develop custom applications with advanced security features.”

He adds: “We’re excited about the potential of our Super App platform to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers and offer their products and services. With our strong foothold in Europe and the EMEA region and our expanding presence in the United States, we’re confident the platform will continue to be one of our key drivers of growth.”

Denizbank Case Study:

Denizbank of Emirates NBD is one of the most prominent financial organizations in the EMEA region. It chose KOBIL’s Super App platform to build the Mercan Super App.

Mercan has enabled Denizbank to implement and leverage new technologies, including open banking/PSD2, platform banking, and embedded banking. It has also invigorated the fast-growing fintech ecosystem in which it invests by enabling these startups to offer their own financial products and services inside the all-encompassing Mercan Super App.

In effect, the bank has established itself as a platform, combining many financial services and products from other banks to provide their clients with the best and the most competitive offers. It then embeds these finance tools into the regular digital flow of a Mercan Super App user rather than needing separate apps to promote and execute standalone offers.

Through the Mercan Super App, start-ups and small businesses can fully control their businesses without needing intermediaries such as e-commerce platforms. They can directly engage with prospects and customers and test their business models more quickly and efficiently. Mercan Super App includes companies operating in finance, mobility, lifestyle, and e-commerce.

About KOBIL:

Founded in 1986, KOBIL is a global technology company with a strong legacy in digital identity and security. Trusted by more than 5,000 companies and 70 million end-users, KOBIL has a proven track record of providing cutting-edge and secure Super App solutions to businesses worldwide. Today, KOBIL is actively seeking new Super App partnership opportunities in the USA, both with technology providers and distribution partners.

For complete information about the KOBIL Super App platform, visit: https://www.kobil.com/en/index.html

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